PrintPlymouth High School Principal, Jim Condon, received unanimous approval from the Plymouth School Board to alter the October 14 schedule for high school students. Condon presented the proposed schedule change to Board members this week. He indicated that the proposed changes had been given out to parents so they could make appropriate arrangements, but said parents were informed that there had to be Board approval.

Condon said both sophomores and juniors would have the opportunity to take the PSAT test. He said they are encouraging all students in those classes to sign up for the test that is now being paid for by the state. In previous years, students were assessed a fee. The test is now 45 minutes longer and will be given from 8;00 A.M.-12:30 P.M. Testing will involve over 50 percent of the student body. Several teachers will be needed to administer the test.

Freshman will use the day for career exploration with guest speakers at the school as well as trips to local businesses.

Seniors can attend the guest speaker classes or use the day for college visits. Seniors who are traveling to colleges within the area will attend classes for a shortened period of time. Those unable to return to classes will have their absence excused if they show proof of the visit.

Also present at the Board meeting was Guidance Counselor John Fishback. He echoed Condon’s remarks about the need to help students identify potential scholarships that are offered, attend resume writing sessions, and take skills assessments.

Carol Anders Correspondent