Plymouth Community SchoolsThe Plymouth School Board met for a regularly scheduled meeting on July 7 following an executive session.

Among other agenda items, the Board granted permission for administrate to apply for grants.

Each year , Superintendent Daniel Tyree outlines typical grants that include Title I, Title Ii, and   Title III; Special Education, Non-English Speaking, Migrant and High Ability. Tyree indicted that they have received the Innovation Grant so many times, that they were including it in the list as well.

Permission from the Board also in eludes any other grants as well. Tyree said in a written request, “We will not apply for a grant that doesn’t fit into our Mission Statement or Core Values. At any time we feel conflicted about a grant, we will ask the Board permission before we apply for it.”

Estimated amounts of each typical grants is as follows:

Special Education 611, $793,110; Special Education 619, $26,979; and Title I, $645,019. The Title I amount reflects an increase of $46,975 over the previous school year.

Those grant amounts that were estimated include: Title I ,Part C, $32,000; Title I Part D, $33,434; Title III, $65,987 Non-English Speaking, $37,651; Title II, Part A, $110,000; Adult Education, $159,357; and High Ability, $35,787.

For the 2014-2015 school year, the corporation revived a grant of $700, 128. That grant is no longer available.

The Board also approved a contract with St. Joseph Regional Medical Center that will go into effect for the 2015-2016 school year . St. Joseph supplies nurses for each of the schools in the Plymouth System

The contract totals $351,296.

Carol Anders Correspondent