Earthworks_Fall Break campEarthworks will host a 4-day Fall Break Camp, Monday, October 10th thru Thursday, October 22nd for students ages 6 to 10 that is all about animals! The camp will focus on both land and sea animals, learning about local animals and their habitats, as well as animals living around the world.

First stop will be kid loving, farm animals! Your child will meet The Earthwork’s loving goats and sheep, and their energetic chickens. Your child will learn to care for their animals, make food for them, and interact with them many times throughout the day. In addition, campers will be engaged in fun, educational activities focused on animals, enjoy baking, arts and crafts, team building games, and explorations of their local habitat, all keeping him/her close to nature.

The fun doesn’t stop there! Your child will have the incredible experience of visiting Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium.  They will see firsthand a variety of animals that co-habit our earth. Highlights include: a special amphibian’s exhibit, a 4-D movie experience, and a stingray touch exhibit!

The experienced staff will utilize the Earthworks campus, the lake that is within view of camp, and the exhibits found at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, to navigate your camper in their animal adventure. All of the experiences will increase the child’s knowledge and appreciation of the animal world, and our earth!

On Thursday all campers will arrive early for a fun filled day in Chicago.

Tuition is $160.00 and this includes materials, 2 snacks each day, and the day at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. To register or obtain more information contact Cheri Ringer at 935-4164 or email Earthworks at