Plymouth Fire DepartmentPlymouth Firefighters, EMS and paramedics responded to a total of 209 alarm situations in August.  Of those 209 calls, 165 were for emergency medical service incidents and 13 medical assists.

Fire calls included 1 chemical release, a combustible spill or leak, 2 electrical wiring problems, a good intent call,  a vehicle fire, an outside rubbish fire, a call for smoke, a structure fire, and 5 unintentional system operations.  Other alarm situations included a call for service and 4 public service assistance calls, 3 false alarms, and 9 times dispatched and cancelled en route.

Incidents by district include 143 calls in Plymouth, 37 in West Township, 17 in Center Township and 1 call in Culver.  Paramedic assists included 3 each for Argos and LaPaz, 4 for Walkerton and 1 listed as other.

Plymouth Fire and EMS also had a total of 274.5 hours of training including an instructors meeting, public education and public fire education.