M.C. Jail 8-9-12_distantThe Marshall County Sheriff’s Department recently released the August Activity Report.

There were a total of 173 people booked into the Jail last month, 103 males were booked in from the various police agencies in the county and 48 were women.  The remaining 22 individuals were committed to through the courts.  The average daily jail population was 126.

The top 10 reasons individuals were booked into the jail in August were: 10th Illegal Consumption, 9th Marijuana, 8th Possession of Controlled Substance, 7th Domestic Battery and 6th Holds for other Counties.  The remaining top five were: 5th Theft, 4th Operator Never Licensed, 3rd Failure to Appear, 2nd Driving While Suspended and the number one reason Operating While Intoxicated.

County police officers wrote 141 citations and handled 102 case reports in August.