Tax-AmnestyStarting Tuesday, September 15th, Indiana residents and businesses that owe past-due taxes to the Indiana Department of Revenue(IDOR) may be eligible to take advantage of Tax Amnesty 2015, a limited-time opportunity during which taxpayers can pay their overdue taxes free of penalties and fees.

Tax Amnesty 2015 is from September 15, 2015, through November 16, 2015.

In return for participating and full payment of the owed base tax, the Indiana Department Of Revenue will waive penalty, interest and collection fees, release tax liens that have been imposed on existing liabilities and not seek civil or criminal prosecution against any individual or entity.

If you did not participate in the 2005 Indiana tax amnesty program and owe taxes for periods ending prior to January 1, 2013, you are likely eligible to participate in Tax Amnesty 2015.

Visit or call the IDOR toll-free at 1-844-829-3746 if you have specific questions about your account or eligibility