Randy-HeadIndiana State Senator Randy Head said Friday, “Indiana recently received more good news regarding our growing labor force. According to the latest state employment report, Indiana’s private-sector employment is now at an all-time high, exceeding the previous record employment level from March of 2000.”

In addition, Indiana’s labor-force growth still leads the Midwest, and our labor-force participation rate has remained above the national average for 22 months in a row.

Indiana’s unemployment rate also continues to decline, reaching its lowest level since 2007, and unemployment insurance claims are at the lowest levels since 1999.

Senator Head said, “While there is always room to improve job opportunities for Hoosiers, these peak-employment levels are evidence that Indiana is on the right track to maintaining a healthy economy.”

He closed his comments by saying, “As your state senator, I will continue to support policies that grow our economy and make Indiana a great place to live and work.”