FIre Department buildingRod Miller, Chief of the Plymouth Fire Department was given approval to have his Assistant Chief, George Cook write and apply for a grant from the Marshall County Community Foundation.  The grant is for the purchase of a medical training mannequin.

Chief Miller said, “These medical training mannequins are very expensive.  The one we are looking costs between $20,000 to $25,000.”  They are used for training in cardiac events, IV starts and advance life live saving skills that the paramedics do on a regular basis.

The board unanimously approved the request and Mayor Senter’s comment was, “We’ve come a long way from recessive Annie.”

A second request of the fire chief was approval.  Miller requested permission to “up staff” the department during the Marshall County Blueberry Festival.  He estimated the need for 2 to 3 volunteers per shift and funding for the additional staff is built into his budget.

The board unanimously approved his request.