AFS_2015_Iggy_4 familyIgnacio Ramirez, from Spain is one of the AFS Exchange Students attending Plymouth High School this year. He has adopted the nickname Iggy since coming to the US since most pronounce his name wrong.

Ramirez has an identical twin brother who also traveled to the US as an exchange student. He is staying in Maine.  He also has a younger brother who will have a whole school year without his older twin brothers.

AFS_2015_Iggy_2Although Ignacio is only 15 years old, all AFS exchange students are treated as seniors once at Plymouth High School. Ignacio’s schoolwork will count as his junior year back home in Spain, so he must work hard to get the grades.

Iggy says he not sure he will be able to get use to how cold it will get here in Plymouth. He also said he misses his friends and family in Spain, but says that his host parents, William and Rebecca Rettig have very similar rules to his parents in Spain.

AFS_2015_Iggy_1Ignacio’s host family is the Rettig’s: William and Rebecca Rettig, who have three children Ian Rettig, Rachel Rettig, and Sean Rettig. Ian is currently attending Purdue University. Rachel is a senior at PHS, and Sean is a 7th grader at Lincoln Junior High.

Provided by Rachel Rettig