City NEwsMonday evening the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety opened bid for phase II of the 2015 Street and Sidewalk projects.

Five companies bid on the projects: E &  B Paving from Rochester at $203,945; Niblock Excavating from Bristol at $174,550; Phend & Brown from Milford at $193,187.47; Reith Riley Construction from South Bend for $211,925 and Walsh & Kelly Paving from South Bend for $210,675.   

Projects on the list include Jim Nelson Drive, the intersection of Beerenbrook and Washington Street from the alley on the north and east on Washington Street to the city limits and VanVactor Drive from Pioneer Drive to the 2015 patch.

In Centennial Park Chuck Glaub Drive, also known as Baseball Lane may be completed in three phases. Phase one would be from Becknell Drive north to the curve, phase two from the curve to Randolph Street and phase three will be the B League parking loop.

The City Engineer asked to have the bids taken under advisement with a recommendation anticipated at the next city meeting on September 14th

Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt believes there is enough money left in this year’s street and sidewalk budget to complete all or the large majority of projects.