MC Soil & Water David BrandtThe Marshall County Soil and Water Conservation District will offer a FREE Healthy Soils Workshop on Tuesday, August 25th at Potawatomi Park in Tippecanoe.

The Soil and Water Conservation District sponsor’s workshops during the year with topics they think would be of interest.  Historically their target audience is farmers and these workshops are free. Deborah Palmer said, “I am hoping to add Backyard Conservation workshops in the future.”

The Healthy Soils workshop will have various speakers to talk and demonstrate various benefits of planting cover crops.    NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service) representatives will be there to talk about what healthy soil structure looks like, the benefits of it and the role cover crops play.  Purdue Extension will also be on hand to talk about soil compaction and the role cover crops and No-Till versus Convential Till farming plays.  NRCS will also discuss the various USDA programs that are available to encourage farmers to adopt more conservation practices.

The feature speaker for Tuesday’s workshop is David Brandt.  Dave Brandt is a conservation-minded farmer from Carroll, Ohio, who has spent countless hours over the last few years showing farmers here and in other states what cover crops do and how you grow them.

For more information contact Marshall County Soil and Water at 936-2024 x 3