WaterMain_1The Plymouth Water Department will start a water-main project on Monday, August 17.  Weather permitting this job should take two weeks and should be complete by August 30.

The Water Department will be updating and installing a new water-main.  This project will start on Lincolnway East and Pennsylvania Avenue at the northwest corner of the building at 1230 Lincolnway East.  It will cross Lincolnway going north to the north side of the road.  The project will then head west to the east side of Candy Lane.  This water-main project will update the service for city customers on the north side of Lincolnway East.

WaterMain_2At times there may be temporary delays, or inconveniences, due to heavy construction.  This may also cause temporary pressure fluctuations and discoloration of water.  If your water should become discolored you should run your cold water for approximately 5 to 10 minutes.  If the discolored water continues call the Plymouth Water Department (936-2543) during the day or after hours call the Plymouth Police Department (936-2126).