County News_logoThis week members of the Marshall County Council approved waiving the 10% salary reduction during the 90 day probationary period for two employees who were just changing from one department to another.

Laurie Baker from the Highway Department asked to have the pay reduction waived retroactively for an employee who was transferring from the Clerk’s office to the Highway Department while Deputy Dan Butt from the Sheriff’s Department asked to waive the pay reduction for an employee who had been full time, went to part time to go back to school and is now back full time. He did not ask for the pay to be retroactive.

The County Council agreed to waive the 90 day 10% pay reduction but not retroactively.  It was noted that creates more work for the payroll clerk.

Council member Steve Harper said, “I’ve been thinking about this matter a lot. I’m OK with this one without the retroactive, but I think going forward the Council should look at these harder because the employee is vacating one position and going to the other position.  We have to train them for the new position plus train the person for the position they vacated and now we are mandated to pay them out their comp time.  I think it becomes an extra burned to the tax payers.”

The County Council agreed to waive the 10% pay for both employees not going back retroactive.

Deputy Butt also received permission to begin the hiring process for two turn-key dispatchers.  He noted that by the end of September he anticipates another turn-key dispatcher who plans to retire.  The third position he will bring forward at a later meeting.