City NEwsThe Plymouth Common Council approved the 2016 Salary ordinance on 2nd and 3rd reading during their meeting Monday evening.  Mayor Senter noted that the Airport Manager’s Salary was increased by $5,000 to begin to bring the position into line with the other department head salaries.

The Council approved a resolution to transfer funds from the City Development Fund to the FEMA Garro Street Project Fund and allows for the reimbursement from the fund to the City Properties and Maintenance Fund.  This was unappropriated money of about $300,000 that is being used to purchase four more flood plain homes, the final three on East LaPorte Street on the west side of the Footbridge and the final one on Cleveland Street.

The City Council also approved a resolution creating a fund entitled “Tennis Court Project Fund.”  The city will transfer their pledge of $750,000 into the fund so money is available to pay for the engineering and feasibility study when the council approves the appropriation of funds at their next meeting.  City Attorney Sean Surrisi said this is the process of getting ready to bid the project.  Once the bids are received and it’s determined the cost of the project the school donation and private donations collected by the Tennis Committee will be deposited into the fund to assist with paying for the project.