Plymouth HIgh School building frontSome students at Plymouth High School are learning about the dangers of “sexting” first hand after explicit photos of students were circulated through the student body via text message.

Plymouth Community Schools Superintendent Daniel Tyree said administrators learned of the explicit images Thursday morning from concerned students who had received them on their phones.

Tyree referred to the incident as the “misuse of the camera” on the cell phones of some students, who are all under the age of 18.

“Most of us carry around a very powerful device in our pockets and pocketbooks,” Tyree said, holding up his cell phones.  “As schools and as parents we try to teach kids digital citizenship and how to use these devices. Sometimes kids make mistakes.”

Tyree said the images were likely disseminated from student to student via text message.

The school’s resource officer has been assigned to investigate the case and the parents of the students involved had been notified.

Tyree said the school  has not yet determined whether any disciplinary action would be taken. In the State of Indiana, individuals can be prosecuted if they are caught sending or receiving sexually explicit images of a minor, regardless of age. At this time, the school has not discussed any legal action.

“I’m pretty sure this will be wrapped up and kids will learn a lesson,” Tyree said. “We’ll have something to teach with.”

He said the school hopes to schedule some type of workshop   to discuss the issue of sexting and its consequences in the future.

Plymouth High School students and parents should also expect a letter explaining the recent incident.

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