BA MartinLocal architect Brent Martin announced Thursday a merger of his company with one in Warsaw.

Later this month, BA Martin Architects in Plymouth will merge with SR Architects in Warsaw to become SRKM Architecture. Martin announced that he and his new partner, Jeff Kumfer, said, “Our merger discussions over the last nine months are coming to fruition and I am excited to begin this new chapter of my life.”

Martin said the Plymouth office on West Adams Street will close and the new office of SRKM Architecture will be located at 120 South Buffalo Street in Warsaw.

For their existing clients, BA Martin Architects and SR Architects will continue as entities through the completion of the various projects they have currently in process. Martin said, “Separated by only 26 miles, Jeff and I are confident of our ability to deliver professional services. I will continue to live in Plymouth.”

Martin commented, “Big changes are always bittersweet, but I will remain right here in North-Central Indiana, so you will probably see me from time to time.” He closed by saying, “I remember an interview I did back in 1986 when I moved to Plymouth in which I said architecture is fun and people pay me to have fun. That’s still true today.”