The Youth Leadership Marshall County (YLMC) members participated in an all-day community service event on Saturday, April 26th. Eleven of the members were present. Leading up to the all-day event, the YLMC youth had taken a tour of non-profit organizations around Marshall County in November of this past year. The group then chose two organizations, the Heminger House and the CHAFIA Swap Shop, to raise money and goods for over the next few months.

For the past few months, the YLMC youth have been promoting these two organizations within their schools in order to raise funds, clothing, and other donations. Last Saturday, the participants were able to bring all of their items together to present to the organizations. The members started the day doing yard work for the Heminger House. After raking leaves, picking up sticks, and donating the items their school had raised, the group went to the Boys & Girls Club of Marshall County for lunch. After lunch and a few games, the youth loaded the bus again to head to the CHAFIA Swap Shop in Argos. Once there, the members donated the clothes that they had received from their schools and helped sort different items in the store.

After a hard day’s work, the group returned to the Boys and Girls Club of Marshall County for some more activities before it was time to go home. This was the last regular meeting of the YLMC group. The next time they meet will be in May at their graduation ceremony. Thank you to all of the youth that helped raise money, goods, and other items for both the Heminger House and the CHAFIA Swap Shop!



Picture 1: Emily Wallace and Izabelle Cretcher work together to rake leaves.

              Picture 2: A group picture of everyone that helped out! (L to R) Jenna Nykeil,

Izabelle Cretcher, Emily Wallace, Susan Wagner (Advisory Board Member), Cabralin Hooten, Crystal Brown, Kirsten Ganshorn, Lucas Newman, Jordan Thornton, Callie Burch, Gunnar Rains, Rose Miller.