03/06/14 The Plymouth Schools will begin taking quotes for a number of summer projects. The projects are projected to total approximately $481,500 including a 9 percent contingency reserve.

The list of proposed projects was presented the Dave Schoff, head of maintenance for the corporation.

The projects are part of a ten-year maintenance program.

Projects proposed include the following:

Jefferson Elementary: Parking lot repairs; ADA upgrades; exterior painting ; and carpet replacement. Parking lot repairs include sealing cracks, filling potholes, and striping. Four rooms are scheduled for carpet replacement.

Menominee Elementary: Water seal masonry.

Washington Discovery Academy: Parking lot repairs, roof repairs and window replacement. The window replacement for four classrooms will be the first phase for upgrades.

Webster Elementary: Classroom air conditioning units and roof repairs. The AC units currently in four classrooms were installed 23 years ago.

Riverside Intermediate School: Sidewalk replacement in front of the building and parking lot repairs.

Lincoln Junior High: Air conditioning repairs for four classrooms.

Administration Building: Roof replacement including a complete tear off and replacement with standing seam metal system.

Plymouth High School: AG-shop renovations including exhaust, ventilation, sinks, storage, lighting and eye wash stations; visitor management center for lobby door; pneumatic valve and actuator replacements; exterior doors, fence repairs; interior doors and parking lot repairs.

Schoof indicated that the projected cost is consistent with the costs over the past few years.

Carol Anders