08/27/13 Thursday afternoon about 1:40 firefighters with the Plymouth Fire Department responded to the Jellystone Campground at the intersection of US 30 and Redwood Road for the report a three golf carts on fire with one totally engulfed. 

  Firefighters were escorted down Geyser Gap, that parallels with US 30, to the location of the fire by park rangers.  By the time they arrived on scene the fire involving the golf carts had spread to the new park-model on the lot.

  Plymouth Fire Chief Rod Miller said the homeowner was out back of the home and alerted by a passerby of the fire.  The fire was so intense that in little time it spread to the park. 

  The fire totally destroyed all three golf carts, damaged the shed on the property and extensively damaged the park model and its contents.  Estimated value of the damage is nearly $100,000.