11/27/12 Community Involvement Funds Literacy Drive Better than an apple or a thank you card, a community’s active support of the work we mutually do to teach and care for the community’s students is ample reward for everyone. Plymouth Community Schools are at the heart of our community. Lincoln Junior High School was awarded $4,000.00 by Oliver Ford and the Ford Motor company for their joint effort in supporting literacy via The Drive One 4 UR School program.

The Drive One 4 UR School program was developed as an interactive, engaging way to help schools raise money to support various programs and activities within their school. Ford and Lincoln Dealerships partner with local schools to conduct test-drive fund raising events. For every valid test-drive completed, Ford Motor Company will donate $20 to the participating school, up to $6,000! A total of 200 test drives were taken on Saturday, September 29, for a donation of $4,000 to Lincoln Junior High.

The first annual event raised money for Lincoln Literacy initiatives and will be used to purchase fiction and non-fiction classroom resources in all content areas, provide authentic learning experiences for students related to literacy, and fund the Achieve 3000 reading incentive program.

Lincoln Junior High would like to thank Oliver Ford for the opportunity to partner with them to support Literacy.