11/21/12Donna Burroughs, Superintendent of the Triton Community School Corporation was excited about the experience students recently had.

Triton Elementary sixth grade students had the opportunity to watch a live-video conference on November 15th between International Space Station (ISS) commander Sunita Williams, and flight engineer Kevin Ford who are aboard the International Space Station. Students in grades 5 through12 from around the world joined in on the Webcast. The students asked questions that addressed the human experience aboard the orbiting laboratory, the nature of a microgravity (‘weightless’) environment, and what it is like to be an astronaut.

The Student Spaceflight Experimental Program is a science, technology, engineering and mathematics education program at its best. Twenty-three very real Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP) microgravity experiments set up by student research teams returned to Earth with Commander Williams on Monday, November 19th.

Did you know?  – That they were able to see and track Hurricane Sandy from the Space Station?

Did you know? –  That they witnessed Energy from Aurora –   this is a natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude Arctic and Antarctic regions, caused by the collision of energetic charged particles.

Did you know? – That you can’t wear perfume or cologne while you’re in space why? It turns in to a gas that will effects the equipment on board.