11/20/12 It’s that time of year again.  Elections are over and the people’s work begins.

On Tuesday, November 20th our state lawmakers will gather at the Statehouse to ceremonially kick off the Indiana General Assembly’s next legislative session. “Organization Day,” as it’s called, will give them the opportunity to swear in new members and discuss what the top issues will be for their communities and the state as a whole when they reconvene. Our legislator’s work on those issues will begin January 7 and last through the end of April.

  State Senator Randy head said, “This session we will work together and across the aisle to create a balanced and fiscally responsible two-year budget that provides for essential state services. It’s one of my top priorities to ensure that this will be Indiana’s fifth-consecutive balanced budget.”  Head continued, “Fiscal responsibility and pro-growth policies are a must when it comes to promoting Indiana as a land of economic opportunity and drawing new employers here to create jobs.”

Senator Head listed a few other goals he has set for the upcoming session include:

  • Building on Indiana’s low-tax, job-friendly environment
  • Protecting Hoosier children
  • Responding to Obamacare