11/19/12 The Marshall County Drainage Board and Commissioner will meet Monday morning beginning at 8:30 in the second floor meeting room of the County Building.   The drainage board is expected to sign the ditch maintenance contract on the Yellow River project in German Township at 8:30.  Also on the agenda is a recap of expenditures and receipts on the Outlet Arm and the request to schedule a public hearing to increase the assessments.

The County Commissioner’s meeting will start at 9:30 and includes the regular report of the Highway Department by Superintendent Neal Haeck.  Also on the agenda is County Plan Director Ralph Booker who will present a new fee ordinance.  Steve Pifer from Court services will present a contract for services with Michelle Lindvall, the County Auditor will present the mid-month claims and the Commissioners will approve the nepotism/contracting certifications as well as a letter of support for the Brownfield assessment grant.

Public comments and questions are welcomed at bother meetings.