11/13/12  The Marshall County Council will meet Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. in the second floor meeting room of the County Building.  The meeting was moved till Tuesday due to the Veteran’s Day holiday on Monday.

Agenda for the meeting includes personnel replacement requests by probation and the prosecutor’s office.  Linda Rippy from the Museum will seek an appropriation for the Historical Society and EMA Director Clyde Avery will discuss the 2011 EMPG competitive grant and the status of the 50% salary match.

At 9:30 Mayor Mark Senter, Commissioner Kevin Overmyer and T-Squared Initiative committee member Brent Martin will discuss the Metronet project.  Last week the commissioners put their support behind the $2.2 million project.  The cost estimate includes installation of the conduit in which the dark fiber will be pulled.  The project would bring the South Bend Metronet from the south side of South Bend to Plymouth with a loop around the city.  Costs would be shared by the city and county.

The committee has twice applied for grant funds to no avail.  It was finally determined that the two should consider taking the huge step of doing the project with local funds.  To get started an engineer consultant is needed at an estimated cost of $60,000 which the two entities would split.

Other agenda items for the County Council include additional appropriations for the Highway Department telephones at $600, WIC office rent for $1,300 and EMA grant expenditures at $4,054.

The County Council meeting is open to the public.