11/12/12 About 1200 students and only a handful of citizens attended the Veteran’s Day Service at Plymouth High School Friday afternoon.

Principal Jim Condon gave a brief history on the creation of Veteran’s Day originally known as Armistice Day. He also spoke of the sacrifices our veterans have made and said, “They deserve this day and recognition.”

Mayor Mark Senter said, “As the son of a WWII veteran, this means a lot to me.
He then read a couple of stanzas of The Ode of Remembrance by Laurence Binyon.

  Hodge Patel, District Director for Congressman Donnelly spoke on behalf of the Congressman.  He gave a quick story of a veteran from northern Indiana, Specialists Anthony Walton who was shot 37 times while serving in Afghanistan.  His left arm is immobile and may still have to be amputated.  He is also suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)  but is working with other soldiers suffering from PTSD.

Congressman Donnelly met with the soldier this summer and asked if he needed any assistance.  Waltson asked for an air conditioner since temperatures were in the 90’s.  When they went to the home it was learned that there was mold in the home and a tree growing through the foundation.  The house was condemned.  Mr. Patel  was pleased to say the Specialists Walton will be moving into a new home next week.

  Guest speaker for the Veteran’s Day service was 1988 PHS grad Lt. Col. Bill Lee.  During his speech he encouraged students to take time to thank a veteran.  He also urged then to serve and talked about other ways to serve including being a police officer or firefighter.  He then had a couple assistants stretch out a tape measure representing the average life of 78years.  One assistant then held his hands representing the 4 years in high school, 720 days he eventually narrowed it down to a single piece of thread which represented the 15 minutes of their life used while he spoke.  Lee closed by saying, “You are the thread for which our flag is sewn.

  The PHS Choir and Band performed and Stg. James Boyd presented a wreath at the close of the service.