11/12/12 Several new courses will be introduced at Plymouth High School and the Weidner School of Inquiry in the school year 2013-2014. PHS Principal Jim Condon presented an overview of the new offerings to the Plymouth School Board members on November 6.

Condon said they plan to continue to offer Chinese I at both Lincoln Junior High and PHS simultaneously. They also plan to add a level II class for high school students only.

The classes will be taught by Mei Guan who has had 10 years of teaching at the university level in China. She arrived in the Plymouth area last week.

The addition of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) will be the 4th PLTW course in the pre engineering curriculum joining Intro to Engineering, Principles of Engineering, and Digital Electronics. According to Condon, the CIM classes will focus on several questions such as how assembly lines work, how automation has changed the face of manufacturing, and what processes go into creating products. Condon said, “While students discover the answers to these questions, they’re learning about the history of manufacturing, robotics and automation, manufacturing processes, computer modeling, manufacturing equipment, and flexible manufacturing systems.

 Courses being added to the curriculum of the Weidner School of Inquiry include Modern World Humanities, Chem-Foods, and BioArt.

Although the details of a proposed Plymouth University have not been ironed out, PHS staff is currently involved in discussion with potential secondary partners. Condon said the addition could broaden opportunities for students to complete both high school and college credits simultaneously. He said, “These “dual credit” opportunities would be made available in the classrooms of PHS at little if any cost to our students.”

Carol Anders Correspondent