11/07/12 Sixty-one point six percent of the registered voters in Marshall County voted in Tuesday’s General Election.  4,013 voters voted absentee while 14,090 voted on the machines for a total of 18,103 of the 29,390 registered voters.

The federal and state races brought out the voters in Marshall County since there was only one county race.  Marshall County is predominately republican and the republicans fared well with Presidential candidate Mitt Romney receiving 11,260 votes to current President Barack Obama’s 6,136 votes.   In Marshall County Richard Mourdock gathered 50. 62% of the vote to Joe Donnelly’s 44.59% of the vote although the news medias projected Donnelly the Indiana winner just after 10 p.m. Tuesday night with only 68% of the vote in.

Governor of Indiana will be Mike Pence.  In our county he received 9,900 votes to John Gregg’s 7,112 votes.  Attorney General Greg Zoeller easily won over challenger Kay Fleming in Marshall County and in the state while the race for Superintendent of Public Instruction between republican Tony Bennett and democrat Glenda Ritz was close.  Bennett received 54.25% of the Marshall County votes while Ritz received 45.75%.  State wide Ritz squeaked out the win.

The republican candidate for United States Representative in District 2 Jackie Walorski took Marshall County with 9,616 votes while democratic challenger Brendan Mullen gathered 7,417 votes.  About 10:45 Tuesday night Walorski was projected to be the winner.

There were a number of uncontested races where the republicans were not challenged.  Ryan Mishler will continue as State Senator for District 9 with 9,652 votes.  State Senator for District 18 Randy Head received 5,621 votes.  Tim Harman will serve a State Representative for District 17 with 13,260 votes and  Judge Bowen Superior Court Judge gathered 13,714 votes and County Treasurer Debbie VanDeMark received 13,547 votes.  Other republicans running uncontested included County Coroner Bill Cleavenger with 13,518 votes, Surveyor Larry Fisher with 13,313 votes, County Commissioner in District 2 Deb Greiwant with 12,914 votes and Commissioner for District 3 Keving Overmyer with 13,101 votes.

The only county race was for County Council at Large where folks were to vote for thee and there were four running.  The three republicans,  Jon VanVactor with 10,902 votes, Rex Gilliland with 10,900 votes and Steve Harper with 10,448 votes.  The democrat challenger Angela Rupchock-Schafer received 6,566 votes.

There were a few school board races.  Culver School Board Incumbent Edward Behnke only received 44.23% of the votes to challenger Mark Maes who gathered 55.77% of the vote.  The Plymouth School Board seat for district 3 put incumbent Frank Brubaker against former State Representative and former city mayor Gary Cook.  Cook received 3,987 votes while Brubaker only gathered 2,253 votes.

Union North United School Board has races for all three seats.  In Marshall County the At Large seat had challenger Daniel Zeiger with 720 votes over George Moffett’s 414 votes.  The North Township seat has Kenneth Moore with 690 votes and Thomas Smith with 540 votes.  The union seat had incumbent David Grenert with 578 votes to challenger Mark Dickson’s 656 votes.

These results are unofficial.  The Marshall County Election Board will certify the General Election in 10 days.