11/05/12  Annie Minker of Miller’s Senior Living Community in Plymouth enjoys life.  She has many friends and is never at a loss to find exciting activities to occupy her time.  One thing she especially enjoys is playing hostess.  Since moving to Miller’s she hasn’t had as much opportunity to entertain as much as she likes.  However, with her Halloween birthday fast approaching, Annie decided she would make it a very special birthday – for others.

Each month the facility holds an afternoon happy hour.  Annie decided she would like to turn the October happy hour into her Halloween birthday party.  She discussed her plan with friend, Ray Mattozzi and Activity Director, Cindy Flagg.  Each of the three had a special part to play in making the party a success.

Annie and Ray planned and provided the food. With a little re-arranging and a few decorations, Flagg turned the upstairs lobby into a small café atmosphere and provided the drinks. Annie played hostess and mingled, as Ray provided beautiful background music on the organ. Meanwhile, Flagg and her volunteers served drinks.  It was a festive and fun atmosphere enjoyed by all who attended.  Annie received many cards and well-wishes and enjoyed giving to others on her 83rd birthday.


First Picture Caption: Annie Minker and LaVanch Yarian sing as Ray Mattozzi plays “Alexander’s Rag Time Band” during Annie’s Halloween birthday party.