11/01/12  The Plymouth School Board will hold a public hearing concerning the contract of Plymouth Community School Corporation Superintendent, Daniel Tyree.

A new Indiana law (IC 20-26-5-4.3 (c) ) requires a public hearing for any superintendent contract, whether or not there is change. The contract must also be posted on the corporation’s website.

The public hearing is set for November 6 at 7:00 p.m. in the Administration Board Room on Berkley St. During the public hearing, the board “will meet to discuss and hear objections to and support for the proposed contract.”

A summary of the draft agreement between the Plymouth Community School Board of Trustees employing Mr. Daniel Tyree as the superintendent lists the following information:  Annual Basic Salary, $108,432  ; Annuity, $6,506; VEBA, $2,331; Gasoline Allowance, $3,000; Annual Board Contribution to Group Health/Dental/Vision Insurance Program , $18,707; Association Memberships, $ 800.

Total of listed contract revisions $139,776

Added Basic Salary rather than reimbursement for expenses: Some expenses such as Group Health, Dental, Vision premiums and gasoline allowance will be paid an “additional basic salary” for the benefit of the superintendent when his 20 highest calendar quarters are used to compute his ISTRF retirement benefit. This approach has been reviewed with ISTRF and is an accepted practice from this perspective.

Evaluation: The Superintendent will be evaluated by the Board and rated using the same categories applied to teachers and other administrators: high effective, effective, improvement necessary, or ineffective. Like any certified employee, any salary changes will be based upon performance.

Increases: The Board reviews the Superintendent’s salary and benefits each year and may approve changes in base salary, contributions or allowances at that time. Further, the Board determines what amount, if any, should be awarded under the performance-based pay provisions of the contract.

A copy of the draft contract is available on the School district’s internet website.

Board President, Melissa Christiansen, explained in an earlier interview that each Board member individually completes an evaluation and then the entire Board meets to determine the final evaluation document.

According to Tyree, a proposed amount of $1,035 is the same as the payment given to teachers under their 2012-2013 contract.

Carol Anders Correspondent