11/01/12 It was the morning of October 20th in Plymouth.  The weather was cool and damp and unpredictable, but that didn’t stop the car show enthusiasts that showed up to show off their “rides” and for the fans that walked through and gazed at these beautiful cars.

  There were 53 registered cars and approximately 4 unregistered cars that showed up.  Tony Gamble, car show organizer mentioned, “Everything can together well.  We had people come from all over!  Our farthest driven was Kalamazoo, MI 111 miles away with a 1966 Chevelle.  The 2nd farthest was from Decator, IN 95 miles away with a 1931 Model A Coupe.  The 3rd farthest was from Windfall IN 81miles away with a 1999 Corvette.”

  This was the first Freedom Park Car Show to be held, it was a car show for a cause.  That is that cause?  To raise funds to build an all-inclusive playground for the residents of Marshall County.  The mission of Freedom Park is to build a playground where differences disappear and children share experiences with their peers, while exploring and learning at their own ability.

  Gamble said, “We believe that every child no matter what their ability should have equal access to quality, safe play opportunities. By developing this inclusive environment, we hope to improve the lives and dignity of all children in Marshall County.  We believe it will allow children with disabilities the opportunity to experience play, side-by-side with their able bodied peers, and the opportunity for their families to enjoy being a part of a community.”   He closed by saying, “Inclusion is belonging to a community, and at Freedom Park inclusion is our number one goal!”

By the end of the day, with entry fees, 50/50, and silent auction they made $1300. Although it’s a drop in the bucket for what they need, they committee felt very successful.

Visit the website at http://www.freedonparkin.com