10/24/12 More than two dozen people attended the City’s comprehensive plan public workshop Tuesday evening at the Life Enrichment Center.74

Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter welcomed those in attendance and said that he and representatives from Ratio had met with stakeholders earlier in the day.  Stakeholders included those in the real-estate and construction, industrial and technology, retail and commercial, and recreation and sports.

   Jackie Turner and Jen Higginbotham from Ratio conducted the informal workshop that included a basic description of what a comprehensive plan is.  They then asked those in attendance to write on a post-it note something positive about Plymouth and something they would like to change or improve.  Schools and the charm of a friendly small town community lead the way of positive attributes.  Also on the list was industrial diversity, tree lined streets, downtown dinning and the parks. Things the group wanted to improve or change included more retail diversity downtown, improving properties and reinvestment in older residential areas.  Other items included trails and alternative transportation, better signage, the need for an indoor pool, the lack of a higher education institution and higher paying jobs and environmental concerns.

  Participants were asked to complete a survey the prioritized the goals set forth in the 2003 Comprehensive Plan.  This will help Ratio to determine their relevancy to 2012.

The crowd was broke into four groups and were asked to find three goals not included in the 2003 plan that would positively impact life and the community.  The goals were to also include one objective.  One goal set forth was the need for additional signage promoting Plymouth as the Crossroads of America.

  The groups were also given several maps and asked to consider changes to the land use map, corridor planning on North Michigan and the intersection of Michigan and Jefferson Streets.  People suggested locations for a new indoor pool, tennis courts, a round-about at Michigan and Jefferson, changes in the corporate limits, improvements to the northern entrance into the city and even more retail location.

  Ratio will collect and compile the information received Tuesday by the stakeholders and public and in a week or two it will be posted on www.CommunityCollaborate.com.  Citizens are encouraged to visit the website and participate in the update process of the city’s Comprehensive Plan.