10/24/12 Monday evening Plymouth Fire Chief Rod Miller presented a second change order for the roofing project at the fire department.  Morris Roofing found several rusted sheets of metal base roofing material on the flat roof that needed to be replaced.  The additional was $1,143bringing up the final cost on the roofing project to $131.070.  The chief noted that the city experienced over 3 inches of rain and there were no leaks.  He continued, “We had a pretty serious problem and not its fixed.”

  Chief Miller said the awning project is now completed.  In February of this year a drunk driver collided with the column that holds the awning canopy up over the main entrance. In April the replacement project bid was awarded to Paul Davis Restoration of Mishawaka.   It wasn’t till late this summer that the city began to question why the project wasn’t completed.  They gave the restoration company a deadline of late September.  The project was to start on September 17th but the company said they were waiting on material.  Miller told members of the Public Works and Safety board that the awning is finished.

  The Fire Chief was also excited to let them know that the antique hose cart, a piece of equipment from the Wide Awake Hose Company in 1873.  The crash in February severely damaged the antique.  “It was tore up pretty bad.  I didn’t know if we were going to be able to salvage it or not,” Miller said.

  Miller said, “We contacted Antique Carriage.  It’s an Amish family business in Nappanee.”  He continued, “It looks so good I don’t even want to keep it outside.”  He closed by saying, “This is the oldest piece of history the city has for the Fire Department and we are really happy to have it back.”

Chief Miller said a concerned citizen stopped and asked about the north side of the firehouse.  The area, about 8 feet wide was dug out a few years ago because water was leaching in through the bricks and damaged the interior plaster.  The concern was for the standing water and the esthetics.  Chief Miller said he would like to work with the City Engineer to estimate the cost to improvements and work with the Street Department on improving the area.