10/23/12  On Sunday, October 21st at approximately 5:00 PM Starke County Deputies approached two vehicles that were parked on 1100 East near the Yellow River Bridge.

During a conversation with the occupants of the vehicle, consent to search the vehicle was given. During the search a syringe was found inside an open can of Pepsi in one vehicle and two other syringes were found lying near the other vehicle.

Walter Clark Stacy and Matt Hamilton both of Ober were arrested and booked in the Starke County Jail on Possession of a syringe, a class D felony.

A short time later during a consensual search of a home in the 200 South block of State Road 23 a plastic tool box containing precursors to the manufacture of a methamphetamine lab were located, buried in the back yard.

Mr. Stacy was additionally charged with manufacturing methamphetamine, a class B felony and possession of precursors, a class D felony.