10/23/12 Plymouth Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt informed members of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety Monday evening that the railroad company maintaining the tracks on Oak Drive near Bomarko will be working on the crossing Tuesday.  The company just called him yesterday to tell him they will be restricting traffic and using a flagman while work on the crossing is happening.

  Marquardt said his department has patches some of the holes but the material doesn’t stay.  He also said that in the middle of the lanes the rubber inserts are heaving up and a snowplow will catch on the rubber if it’s not removed.  The railroad said they will replace the rubber with asphalt as a temporary fix until a major overhaul of the crossing can be completed.

  In other business the sole quote for a crack sealing project on several streets was opened.  Pavement Solutions Inc. from Middletown, IN quoted $33,015.50.  Marquardt asked the board to approve the award pending his review since the project is weather dependent.

Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson submitted the September utility report and updated board members on a couple of projects.  Each year the Water Department conducts a leak detection program on one quarter of the city.  This month that project was completed.  A total of 97,152 feet of water mains were surveyed along with all hydrants, valves and services.  During the survey six hydrants and one valve was found to be leaking.  They were repaired within the week.  At the current water rates the annual water costs would have been $6,457 is the water leaks had been left unattended.

Davidson said the lighting system on the north water tower has been upgraded to a medium dual light system.  This allows for a red light on top of the tower at night and a white light during the day.  Also included in the project were four lights on the outer rail of the tank.  The improvements bring the tower into compliance with FAA regulations.

Maintenance was also completed on the north water tower.  It was cleaned, inspected and a new handrail was installed inside the tower itself.  When work was completed a third party completed an inspection and found the all work and the attached antennas on the tower to be acceptable.