10/23/12 What seemed to be an insurmountable problem last week has obviously been resolved with the Culver Main Street Project Up and Running.  Last week the job was shut down due to an error by the Engineering Company DLZ.  After several meetings between DLZ Management and our town council, CrC and town attorney, the future of the mainstreet project seemed questionable. On Tuesday Oct 16th a special  session  was called and the town council and CRC were informed that the work would resume on the following day.  “We have figured out a solution” stated Town Manager Dave Schoeff.

  The problem was in the calculations for the curb and in some areas the downtown would have 1inch of curb or no curb at all.  This was unacceptable to the Utilities Manager Bob Porter. “As long as I am an employee here, that construction will not happen, promised Porter.  The solution is to lessen the decline or slant of the sidewalks and instead of milling the Main Street,  from Washington street to Madison street, 1.5″ down  they are going to have to mill 3.5″ to 4” down.  “We have two Bids, one from E&B paving and one from Reith-Riley.”  “As soon as we choose one we can get started” stated Schoeff.
 Town Council Member Lynn Overmyer asked, ” Why if it is that simple did we have to stop work last week?”  “I do not understand why I received Emails all weekend saying what a huge issue and problem this is and then walk in here today and I am told the solution is simple”.  Overmyer went on to question, “Why if it was that simple wasn’t it done the 1st time?”
“Again the issue was with the engineer working on the main street project and although DLZ will be working with us to completion, the engineer is no longer on this job”, explained Schoeff.
  The bid from Reith-Riley was accepted for $42,850 by the three town council members present, Sally Ricciardi, Ed Pinder, and Lynn Overmyer.
 Rhonda Reinhold Correspondent