10/19/12 Although absentee voting in Marshall County only opened a little over a week ago, there have been more absentee votes cast so far than in 2008 at this time of the year. According to Marshall County Clerk, Julie Fox, as of mid-morning October 17, there have been a total of 602 walk-ins and 270 ballots received by mail. Fox also sits on the Election Board. Of the 602 total, 195 votes were cast this week between Monday and approximately 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday.

Fox said at the end of last week, the total number of walk-ins was at 407 and they mailed out 179 ballots.

Absentee voting will end at noon on November 5.

Fox said, “A number of the ballots we have received from overseas were emailed. “ She added, “We still have had many requests for paper ballots too.”

Fox issued a press release this week concerning the taking of photographs at polling places. Fox said, “There are state laws that may specifically prohibit the manner in which photographs taken in the poling place by a voter may be used by the voter.” Referring to wordage in IC 3-14-2-16, Fox noted the following: “Specifically, it is a Class D felony for a voter to show the voter’s voted ballot to another, or for a person to solicit a voter to show the voters ballot, or to examine another person’s voted ballot (except when officering lawful assistance).”

According to Fox, it is also a Class D felony for a voter to knowingly do” anything to enable any other person to see or know for what ticket, candidates, or public questions the voter has voted or moves into a position, or does any other thing, to enable the voter to see or know for what ticket, candidates, or public question any other voter votes.” (IC 3-14-2-18.

Carol Anders Correspondent