10/19/12 “Tomorrow don’t forget your P.J.’s Mom,” my daughter yelled as she jumped out of the car this morning.  My Daughter, Reilly Reinhold, would like everyone to wear Pajama’s and talk about the disease that took her father and my husband’s life in June.

Reilly came up with the PJ Day last year when she had to do a community project for her 6th grade class at Culver.  She said she knew immediately what she wanted to do, “My Dad has a terrible disease with no cure and we need to raise money to find a cure”.  She went on to say, “Mr. Kitchell has never allowed Pajama Day at the Culver Elementary School so if I can convince him it will be a special day for the kids as well as raise money for ALS.”  Reilly said she had to do some talking, but Mr. Kitchell was soon on board.  With the support of Mr. Kitchell, Ms. Anderson and Ms. Trent the Pajama Day was a great success and Reilly was recognized by the ALS Association of Indiana for being the youngest person to raise that much money.  Her Father was there when she was recognized and I don’t think he has ever been more proud.  Since then Reilly has lost her Father but not her desire to find a cure for others afflicted with this terrible disease.  “Nobody should have to die that way and no child should see their parent die that way” exclaimed Reilly.

  This year Reilly approached the Superintendent of Schools, Brad Schuldt, about doing Pajama Day throughout the entire Culver Community Schools and he agreed without hesitation.  She then (in her own words) had to tackle the local businesses.  She first went to Dawn Brockey, Culver’s Chamber of Commerce President and was given the green light to present her case or cause to the Chamber Board.  They resoundingly said yes.  Her final step was to give a speech at the Chamber Dinner to convince the businesses to participate.  “I was so scared but I knew it was for a good cause.  I knew my Dad could see me and so I just did it’, explained Reilly.  The Culver Schools and businesses are 100% behind getting the word out and helping be a part of the cure for ALS.

Today on October 19th wear pj’s and a smile.  Think about someone you may know who has suffered from this horrible disease or think about the fact that this disease has no cure, no treatment, and quite frankly is a death sentence if you are diagnosed with it.  Let’s talk about ways we can participate in a solution, bring awareness, and have a few laughs.

Rhonda Reinhold Correspondent