10/17/12 1st  Source  Bank  has donated  $30,000  toward  a  new Intergenerational  Living  and  Learning Center  on  the  campus  of  the  Poor Handmaids  of  Jesus  Christ  Ministry Center  near  Plymouth.  The Center will be a place where  people  of all  ages can interact, share, learn and grow together.

The Intergenerational Living and Learning Center  will  include  the  Ancilla  College Commons, a  common  gathering  place for students,  faculty,  staff,  residents  and visitors;  as  well  as  the  Catherine  Kasper Assisted  Living  Pavilion,  a  facility  for mature  residents  who  require  modest physical  assistance  in  their  day-to-day lives.

Connie Lemler, 1st Source Regional President, presented  the  donation  to  Dr. Ronald May, President of Ancilla  College.  Joining  them  were  Danny  Conroy,  1st Source  Regional  Sales  Manager,  Rene Burton  and Brad Bucher, both  1st Source Business  Relationship   Managers,  Sister Shirley  Bell,  PHJC,  Director  of  Maria Center    and  Terry  Sanders,  Executive Director of the PHJC Foundation.

“1st  Source  is  a  strong  supporter  of Ancilla  College and we’re pleased to help out  with  this  project,”  said  Lemler.  “The Center  will  benefit  not  just  students  and faculty,  but  will  help those  in  our community  who  need  assisted  living services.”

“We are so pleased with  the decision  by 1st Source Bank  to support our  vision  for  the  future  with  this  gift,”  said  May.  “The College  has  enjoyed  a  solid  partnership with1st Source for  several  years and we look forward  to  seeing  this  project  come  to fruition.”

1st  Source  has  been committed  to  the  success  of  the communities  it serves.    For more information, visit www.1stsource.com.