10/17/12 Abby Stopczynsik from the South Bend Medical Foundation recently issued a summary to the three Mayor’s blood drives conducted during the Farmers’ Market this season.

  The results of the drives show the May drive with 4 pre-signed donors and a total of 18 signed in with 2 deferrals and a total number of 16 units received.   The June drive had 12 pre-registered donors with 42 signed in and 10 deferrals for a total of 32 units.  The final blood drive in September has 19 pre-signed donors, 28 signed in that day, four deferrals and a total of 24 units.

2012 Farmer’s Market Total: 72 units!  That’s 216 local lives impacted.

Stopczynski told Mayor’s assistant Laura Mann, “In addition, we collected 46 units at the blood drive in honor of your mother (Marsha Banning).”  She continued, “Because of you and your hard work and support, we have collected 118 units from your drives alone this year.  You should be incredibly proud of the live saving work you are doing.  It is because of you that hundreds of lives have been impacted.”