10/16/12 The main street project in downtown Culver has come to a grinding halt. Construction has stopped completely for the project and not a single company was at work this past week.

In the Town Council meeting last Tuesday night the Manager of Utilities, Bob Porter stated, “We have run into another snafu regarding the project.”   Porter believes the Engineering company DLZ is responsible for the delay in construction. “According to DLZ we would have a 1 inch curb and in some places no curb at all,” explained Porter.  He continued “We will not build it that way. It is that simple.”

In response the Culver Town Council requested a face to face with DLZ engineers and management. Porter told members that they had a scheduled progress meeting for Wednesday morning and if the problem wasn’t rectified in that meeting there would be a follow up meeting on Friday.

Council Member Ginny Munroe expressed concern, “I think the Council should be at those meetings, I am available for both.”

Ralph Winters then interjected, “Since the Redevelopment Commission is paying for the Main Street Project, I feel we need to be represented at those meeting’s also. I would like to attend both.”

The Council agreed and also requested that the Town Attorney, Jim Clevenger be present. This is the second time the council has taken issue with DLZ. The first was during the bid process when the engineering firm failed to quote the full cost to the town. Town Manager, Dave Schoeff had to return to the Town Council requesting additional funds.

Rhonda Reinhold Correspondent