10/15/12 The Culver Town Council held the public hearing for the 2013 budget on October 9 at the town hall. The regular scheduled council meeting was not well attended. Town Clerk Karen Heim read the budget for 2013 to the Council Members as follows: the total budget for 2013 is $1,847,913.00.  The various individual budgets are the clerk’s budget is $311,914, Culver police $373,874, the Fire Department $179,450, EMS $315,325 that makes up the General Fund which totaled $1,180,563. The other line items are Local Roads &Strees $8,800, Motor Vehicle Highway $368,000, Park Department $255,550, and Cumulative Cap Development $35,000. The budget for 2012 was $1,820,340.00 so the increase from the prior year was $27, 573.00 or about 1.50%.

Heim also wanted the Council Members to be aware of the fact that the Clerk’s budget was up from last year due to the Tree Commissions inclusion in the Clerk’s Budget. Town Council Member Ed Pinder wanted to reiterate that the shortfall first thought to be quiet significant was in fact much less and that the public be made aware of that fact. The council asked for citizen input regarding the budget and there was no response from the audience. The council will officially adopt the 2013 budget at the Town Council Meeting on October 23rd.

Rhonda Reinhold Correspondent