10/15/12 The Marshall County Health Department hosted a workshop Wednesday, Oct. 10th to discuss how it and area partners can work together to address health and medical issues within Marshall County, and how to acquire the support and resources needed in case of disaster. The purpose of this workshop was to bring together the primary partners in each jurisdiction with a role in health and medical emergency planning and response to further collaborate on the issues that each jurisdiction faces during a disaster.  Workshop participants included representatives from the Marshall County Health Department, Red Cross, Staint Joseph Regional Medical Center-Plymouth Campus, Marshall County Ministerial Association, and the Bowen Center.

Sandy Read from the Marshall County Health Department said, “Our goal for these types of safety and preparedness meetings is to understand what capabilities partners have to offer during a time of disaster and how each fits in to the overall picture for planning in case of adversity.  I think that we all went away from the table better understanding our roles, as well as our partners’ roles, in case of disaster. Most of us discovered that we have questions to answer so that we are even better prepared than we thought we were.”

This was a vehicle to strengthen local emergency preparedness and participants were also provided with information as to the capabilities of state and federal partners in supporting their jurisdiction and how support may be requested. The meeting was facilitated by Indiana State Department of Health District team members and Clyde Avery who is the Marshall County Emergency Manager.