10/15/12 The Marshall County REMC has noticed an increase of copper theft from utility poles around the county. The rise in copper theft has disrupted the flow of electricity, created electrical hazards, delayed construction projects and damaged irrigation systems.

For a number of years the Marshall County REMC has been replacing ground wire with copper-clad steel, also known as copper-covered steel. This is produced by bonding copper to a steel wire. Due to the inseparable unification of the two metals, copper restoration is unusable, therefore has very little scrap value.

Stealing material from utility poles can cause serious injury, extensive outages and fires.  This offense could also result in an outage, which may directly affect our members. The community must be aware of the dangers that may occur when tampering with electric power facilities. Listed below are a few guidelines to help safeguard against electrical dangers and prevent copper theft:

If you notice anything unusual with electrical equipment contact your electric utility immediately.

Store tools and wire cutters in a secure location at all times.

Install motion sensors lights on the outside of your house and business to prevent possible thieves.

If you see anyone around electrical substations or electric facilities other than utility personnel or contractors, call the police.

Copper theft is a very serious crime. Dealing with metal and electricity is extremely dangerous, especially when done without permission or training.  Copper theft places the thief and others at great risk for injury. Stealing electric wire is not a quick way to earn cash or worth losing a life.

Marshall County REMC is an electric cooperative located in Plymouth, Indiana. Incorporated in 1935, Marshall County REMC has provided dependable electricity and quality service to its members for over 75 years. Primarily serving Marshall County, the REMC also serves portions of St. Joseph, Elkhart, Kosciusko, Fulton and Starke Counties.