10/12/12  Oliver Ford Lincoln and Riverside Intermediate School in Plymouth are partnering this Saturday, October 13th from 9-noon, for Lincoln’s Drive Smart For Your School event at Plymouth High School’s north parking lot.  At this important event, members of the local Plymouth community can support Riverside Intermediate School simply by taking a test drive in any eligible Lincoln vehicle! It’s easy, all you have to do is come out, test drive a NEW Lincoln vehicle, fill out a form to let Lincoln know how the experience was and then Ford Motor Company gives the school $20. With the first 180 test drives each driver will receive a USB Flash Drive from Lincoln and a chance to win an Apple iPod touch 32GB.  There’s no pressure to purchase a vehicle, that’s a promise, just enjoy a drive in a new Lincoln from Oliver Ford Lincoln in Plymouth.


In total, the community can help raise up to $6,000 for Riverside, an amount that will definitely be beneficial to the students! Every year, more and more arts, music and sports programs are cut due to budgetary constraints. This fundraising event is a unique way to fill some of those financial gaps.

To date, Lincoln dealerships and local communities across the United States have helped raised over $830,000 for high schools thanks to their hard work and partnership with the Drive Smart For Your School program.