10/09/12  National Physical Therapy Month is celebrated each October. The goal of the month long celebration is to raise awareness of the important role that physical therapists and physical therapy assistants play in helping people decrease pain, improve mobility, and engage in healthy lifestyles.

Mayor Mark Senter has proclaimed National Physical Therapy month in the city of Plymouth.  His proclamation follows:

WHEREAS, the City of Plymouth, Indiana encourages options for an active and healthy lifestyle; and

WHEREAS, Apex Therapy Services, LLC speaks for the best interests of the public in recommending physical therapy by a licensed physical therapist to achieve physical fitness; and

WHEREAS, through a national effort, Apex Therapy Services, LLC and community members are encouraged to join together to raise awareness of the importance of preventive health during the month of October; and

WHEREAS, this effort will bring awareness to our community, and around the country, of healthier and more active lifestyles; and

NOW, THEREFORE, I Mark Senter, Mayor of the City of Plymouth do hereby

Proclaim October as National Physical Therapy Month in the City of Plymouth, Indiana and in doing so urge all citizens to join in a national effort to raise health and fitness awareness.