10/09/12 To have backs or not to have backs was the question of the night at the Culver Park Board Meeting on Wednesday October 3rd.

The board voted unanimously to submit a Request for Proposal on the much talked about fishing pier Wednesday evening. The discussion again centered on specifics. How many benches and how many of those benches should have backs on them. The discussion ended with an agreement for 6 benches on the pier, four with backs and two without. The park board will be mailing out the bid packets and will accept them until November the 7th. They will have a Park Board Meeting at 7:30 November 7th at which time they will open and consider selecting the best offer.

The RFP (Request for Proposal) is set up with two options. Option one will be a hybrid pier with two sections. The first section of the pier will be stationary with the 2nd section being a floating pier attached to the stationary pier. Option two will be the standard pier that the Culver Park presently has out on the Lake. Both piers will meet ADA requirements and the Companies submitting proposals will have to provide both Proof of Insurance and three references.

Ed Behnke suggested, “We leave the proposal open for suggestions because the selection will not be based on price alone, but will be based on price and the best ideas for what we are looking for.”

Rhonda Reinhold Correspondent