10/08/12 The local Eagle’s Lodge finally has a renewed liquor permit after almost a year of appeals with the Indiana State Board of Alcohol and Tobacco. Due to the appeal process, the club has been able to operate.

In a meeting of the Marshall County Alcoholic Beverage Board last week, the board members voted unanimously to renew the permit for the private club.

When the Eagles permit came up for renewal in December of 2011, the owners of the Dandelion Bar in Plymouth remonstrated against it.   The position put forth by the Dandelion Bar owners was that the Eagles had several violations in the past including service to non-members and catering without the required permits. The club has only a limited number of days each year that they can serve non-members.

The state board rejected the Marshall County Board decision citing lack of sufficient cause to withhold the permit.

The Eagles Lodge had allowed various fund-raising groups to hold events as well as holding events sponsored by the club. Eagle’s management had indicated all along that they were not fully aware of the restrictions against selling alcohol during those events until the violations were tendered, but have since rectified the problems. Several of those club members who have taken on the management have since pursued training from the state.

Carol Anders Correspondent