10/01/12 The Culver Zoning Board met on Thursday Sept 20th to hear four variance petitions.

  Agnes and John Bramfeld representing the Bramfeld Family Trust were seeking three variances at 1322 East Shore Drive.  The standard setback is 40 feet and the variance is for a rear yard setback of 25 feet. The second variance request was for a height variance for 20 feet from the required 16 feet and the final is a use variance to allow a bathroom in a newly constructed garage. The Zoning Board approved the variances with the stipulation that the family cannot use the building for a rental and that the properties deed must also contain this stipulation in case of sale of the property.

  The second request came from Troy and Holly Schultz at 203 East Lakeshore Drive to approve a special use variance for a Bed and Breakfast in an R-1 District.  Although this has always been a bed and breakfast, the prior owners lived in the house and it was a business in the home. The Schultz family has requested a different distinction because they will not be living in said property. Their variance request was approved.

    The 3rd and most questioned property was the Dawson’s request to reduce the side yard setback on the north side to 6 feet from the required 10 feet in order to construct a garage. The question that was brought up in several meetings this week was the question of an accessory building being subordinate to the main building. In the case of Rodney and Peggy Dawson’s garage this was obviously not the case. When questioned regarding the matter Rodney Dawson assured the board that the expansion of the house was the next step and that the house would not be subordinate to the garage for long. The BZA approved the variance.

  The 4th request of the Culver Board of Zoning Appeals was made by the Bennetts on behalf of Paul and Sandy Hadley of 604 Peru Court.   They were seeking a development variance for a north side yard setback of 4 feet from the required 10 feet and a south side yard setback of 4 feet from the required 10 feet in order to construct a new home. The Hadley’s home on Peru Court had been devastated by a fire earlier this summer.  The BZA approved the request.

Rhonda Reinhold Correspondent