10/01/12 The Town Council Meeting in Culver on Tuesday, September 25th was a packed house. It was standing room only in support for the outdoor dining at Cafe Max located in the heart of Culver’s shopping district. The 1st issue brought before the council was the sign issue for the Episcopal Church on State Street. They had previously been turned down regarding a large sign in front of the church because they are in a residential district. The second request was to put smaller signs indicating location and they were approved unanimously by the council.

Next was what appeared to be the issue of the day, the Cafe Max outdoor eating. The council had given owner Susie Mahler the go ahead to put up the gates and serve outside in a temporary capacity. The issue was before the Town Council to make a permanent decision on whether Culver can have outdoor cafe style eating in the Culver’s Mainstreet District. The owners of most of the businesses in Culver were in attendance.

The owners of Brokey Insurance and Culver Coffee Company, Dawn and Larry Brokey were in attendance along with Mark Damor, owner of the Root Beer Stand and Mark Damor Jr owner of the LakeHouse Grill.   Mark Damor Jr. stated “the issue is simple really; it is about the economic draw and having respect for that”.

Julie Brooks co-owner of Civvies on Main Street also stated “the energy and the enthusiasm from the people that come across the street after sitting in the outdoor cafe’ is wonderful. There has not been a negative comment.”

Sue Macinturf, the owner of Diva’s right next door to Cafe Max also had feedback. She said “it is hard to make a buck in the off season and anyone who has an innovative idea needs to be supported so their business can be successful.   If we help the businesses be successful the town will be successful and we need your help to do this.”

The Town Council voted unanimously to allow Cafe Max to continue with the outdoor Cafe’.

The Town Manager gave his report regarding the Main Street Beautification project and once again asked for more money from the town council because of an error made by the engineering company. This is the 2nd request for more funds and the council agreed to table the vote until they could get someone from the engineering company in front of them to find out about the errors and inconsistent information from the engineering company. The Town Manager then requested money for a water study to be done on the existing water plant. The cost is $14,500 and he indicated that it desperately needs to be done.  He said, “I don’t believe we have done one in over 15 years.”  The council voted unanimously to pay for the water study.

Mike Stalling brought up an issue with the budget regarding the tree commission and the budget showing that it is $20,000 in the red.   He stated that mistakes made in the prior year was at fault and he wanted something done about this.

Council Member Monroe stated that she agreed but didn’t know what could be done. “I am fiscally responsible and was highly disappointed when we found out about the errors but we can’t put someone in jail.” “Let the record show that the Tree Commission is not $20,000 in the red.”

The council then voted to pay the claim for $8,100 to Umbaugh for doing the 2013 Budget for the Clerk Treasurer Karen Heim.

Rhonda Reinhold Correspondent