09/26/12 School corporations state-wide received their annual report card that show how well schools are meeting the goals set by the state. The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) use standardized assessments to rank students in Math and English/Language Arts, demonstrate college and career readiness, and graduation rates.

The Plymouth School Corporation received an overall “B”. According to Superintendent Dan Tyree, the corporation came in at 3.37. To make “A” status, schools must have 3.50.

Individual schools grades within the Plymouth system were as follows: Plymouth High School, A; Lincoln Junior High, C; Riverside Intermediate, B; Webster Elementary, A; Jefferson Elementary, D; Menominee Elementary, C; and Washington Elementary, A.

Last August (2011) the Plymouth Schools Corporation as a whole had received an “A” rating by the IDOE. Additionally, the school system passed AYP (Annual Yearly Progress) for the fourth year in a row. Ratings for the individual schools in the corporation ranged from “A” in all four elementary buildings to a “D” at LJH. Riverside Intermediate was ranked as a “B” school and Plymouth High School as a “C” school.

The simple A-F grading system was launched for the 2010-2011 school year.
To measure progress, schools are placed in one of five categories: A-Exemplary Progress, B-Commendable Progress; C-Academic Progress; D Academic Watch; and F-Academic Probation. The state will intervene if a school receives an “F” for six consecutive years.

In February of this year, the DOE gave final approval of a revised methodology for determining schools and corporations categories. The system is intended to give students, parents, and communities an easy to understand assessment of how well their school is performing. The new metrics Indiana takes into account student performance, improvement, and year-to-year growth in individual student learning. It also reflects graduation rates, closing achievement gaps, and opportunities for students to gain an early advantage on college/careers.

Elementary and middle schools ratings are based on the number of students passing the ISTEP (Statewide testing for Educational Progress) or other state assessments. ISTEP is no longer used at the high school level; however, students are tested on End of Course (ECA) assessments in English and Math.

Students with identified learning disabilities are given assessments tests such as the IMAST and ISTAR based on the extent of their disabilities.

The rankings are based on students who have attended at least 162 days during the school year.

Information on recent changes and the revised metrics system can be found at http://www.doe.in.gov/improvement/accountabiity/f-accountability.